For us, ecological and social responsibility are of the same importance as the economic growth. Besides our responsibility to our customers, our employees, and our business partners, we also have responsibility to our environment and society in general. For that reason, we use our natural resources carefully, we provide support in education and health subjects, and we aim to provide solutions that enable sustainable developments for everyone in the future.

In order to live up to its responsibilities, Gungor Plastic follows a strict resource-conserving policy in all aspects of its business.

Gungor Plastic takes advantage of new technologies and materials to reduce the weight of the materials, and decrease the resources consumed during manufacturing process. Our goal is to create an efficient product design with the right materials and production technology.

In our material selection, Gungor Plastic does not use heavy metals, nor do we use other plastics containing plasticizers. As a Sedex member, we have also certification for SMETA 4 pillars audit.

Thanks to our experience in the sector, we know that you can only control what you measure. In 2016, by taking action for the sustainability report, we began preparations for the necessary substructure. For the first time, by registering to the EcoVadis system in order to determine the sustainability of our processes, we ensured the assessment and grading of our business processes. Our goal is to take our place within the top 5 percent of the audited companies. Achieving good results from regularly held client and employee research is also one of our strategic goals in the future.

Gungor Plastic Ecovadis Premium Report

As Gungor Plastic, keeping in mind our responsibilities in the environmental and social applications, we see the effect of our activities in the international platform, and we strive to ensure the continuity by improving each passing day. In this respect, one of the works we have accomplished in the year 2016, was to subscribe to international rating agency, EcoVadis, where we were evaluated as Silver Recognition Level.

With the score we possess, in the ranking of all the suppliers in all categories, we are in the highest 10%, and in the ranking of our sector, we are among the top 7% of our industry,

Gungor Plastic Ecovadis Premium Report can be found here

Rating Review

Gungor Plastic has an organized and proactive corporate social responsibility approach. In addition to commitments and policies, concrete steps are also given importance. The company has the resources for fundamental reporting, concerning actions and performance indicators.

This link provides Gungor Plastic’s Ecovadis Premium report as well as the Sustainability Profile and Ecovadis Certificate.