HR Policy

The main objective in our Human Resources Policy is :along with choosing the proper human resource for the corporate structure of our company and enabling the execution of necessary acts as education, development, and training aimed at creating competitive edge, a common foundation culture is created.

Within this context, in order to maintain company’s continuous success and recruitment of human resources qualified to carry out company activities in the most effective way, the human resources management targets to provide the necessary support to ensure the employees’ motivation, improve regularly the financial and social rights of workers, create fair and professional working environment and resolve the identified training needs of the workers.

The essential principles of our human resources policy:

Our company has adopted a fair working style based on success, by having a proactive and innovative perspective in the management of its employees, and cooperating with all units of the company. In all these processes, our human resources management supports innovation and creativity.

In the company, respect for people and equality are fundamental values in conducting human resources applications such as selection and placement, performance management, career planning, wages, and education.

Human resources management aiming to increase the productivity and the quality of business life in company activities, executes selecting and placing activities among qualified, adaptable to corporate culture and values, expert in its field, open to development, high potential candidates, with the “placing the right person to the right job” principle, on a non-discriminatory basis of race, religion, language and gender.

Our employees who aim to add value to their own work, get support from human resources management, align themselves with their managers, develop and manage their career goals. On this journey, human resources management is the fellow traveler of all our employees.

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